Emotional Correctness

A quick five minute TED talk about something really important this political season: how to be emotional correct when dealing with people who have different views. Kohn’s message is powerful and we could all learn something from her unique perspective. “Our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have […]

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The Greatest Pleasure

Should you be writing? If you’re wishing or wondering or languishing in the lack words you’re getting down on the page, read this quick excerpt: The Greatest Pleasure by Natalie Goldberg (from her book The True Secret of Writing). Like Natalie does, it cuts right to the bone. The True Secret of Writing Excerpt   […]

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Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed has a new book out and Oprah loves it, so much so that she invited Cheryl back to sit down and chat about some of my favorite things. Writing, vulnerability, taking risk, and retelling our stories. Looking for inspiration? Check out the episode in its entirety below. Some of my favorite bites: “Don’t […]

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The Important Places

This short film was featured at the end of Super Soul Sunday last weekend. It’s INCREDIBLE! Grounded in a poem a father wrote his adult son when he was just a baby, it takes you on a journey down the Colorado River and into the depths of your heart. Well worth the ten minutes! I promise! […]

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Love Can’t Wait

“Everyone has come to understand that it’s about love.” These two adorable women—Lennie and Pearl—remind me of a modern day vignette in the movie When Harry Met Sally. Love!    

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